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Babtain Trading Co.

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Babtain Trading Co.

Al Babtain established in 1955 with trading and
manufacturing for home appliances in addition to its indigenous brand Home Queen.
Al Babtain Established in 1955 with trading and
manufacturing for home appliances in addition to its indigenous brand Home Queen, it also has sole distribution license for Admiral, Speed Queen,
Amana and GMC all USA brands, regarded as top world brands. Marketed by SISCOM Saudi Arabia.

Product Name: Sell Window Air Conditioner

Features: Specially designed Rotary compressor with smooth operation up to
56 Degrees Centigrade.

- Quiet operation
- Easy removable panel
- Fresh Air Switch
- Sliding Chassis
- Two drainage methods
- Slinger-up System
- Faster Cooling.

Technical Specifications:

Model: WB 18 C
Cooling/Heating: 18000 Btu/h: 5.3
Kw Net Dimension: 660 430 770 mm
Packing Dimension: 775 518 917
Net/Gross Weight: 63/72 Kg

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Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Riyadh
Address: Second Industrial City P.O.BOX 181 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Phone: + 966 (1) 201-00-00
Fax: + 966 (1) 201-30-03
URL address:
Contact person: A.V Rajendra
Position: Manager


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